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Hey, Timothy McVeigh, right wing anti-government murderer of over 165 people had similar beliefs and he was a veteran! Because one is a veteran does not mean yo're not a complete idiot. That goes with any business. Duh! Because you served this great nation doesn't exempt you from being civil.

The reasonable man at the end is deluded. The right wing is nuts and its full of religious fanatics, gay haters, racists and those that wish to have God in government. Thats what radical Islam is all about. Godly governments. That's what Medieval Europe and her colonies did. In radical Muslim places, the minority wackjobs always make far more noise than the majority. I have seen enough in the last 6 months tom know this reasonable sounding man is fooling himself.

Notice the spit flying from this mad moron on to the camera lens.

The Tea Party is a lunatic fringe group.

About 2 minutes into the top video you will see a red flag that resembles the Nazi Swastika. It is the Afrikaner-resistance flag of apartheid and racism.

ABOVE: HUH? If God be with us who can stand against us? SOUNDS LIKE ISLAMIST NUTJOBS! Hey, they are all the same on the far right. As I say in my historical website (306AD to present) on the religious right there is very little difference in the last 1700 years between Islamists and Christian-ists. Both are loud, violent, and intolerant.

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  1. More Lies and fabrications from the left.

    We've all heard about the ALLEGED spitting incident with Democrat Representative Cleaver and a Tea Party Protester prior to the vote on the UNCONSTITUTIONAL HOSTILE GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER of America's Health Care System...but what we haven't heard is that the representative refuses to admit it ever happened, and he says he never reported anything. The Huffington Post (legendary for being unreliable and extremely biased against conservatives) claims the protester was arrested, but that simply didn't happen.

    I suppose my point is that when stuff like this happens, never assume what the press is telling you is correct. I've seen the video, and there's no evidence whatsoever that spitting happened. It appears that the protester was simply cupping his hands around his mouth and yelling at the Congressman. Rather loudly, it appears, but there's zero video evidence of any spitting whatsoever.

    Kudos to the congressman for not making things worse by outright lying after totally misleading people about this, but shame on him for voting for the UNCONSTITU!TIONAL, HOSTILE GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER of America's Health Care System!

    Video - Rep. Cleaver on spitting incident: ' I never reported anything'A Fox News affiliate in Kansas City interviewed Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (h/t Greg Re at the Daily Caller), a Missouri Democrat, about the alleged spitting incident that many claim happened to him when he was walking to the Capitol during the final days of the health care debate in the House. A number of Democrats and liberal organizations are calling the incident an attack or assault, but Mr. Cleaver seems to be backing away from the story in general. Fox News reports:

    "I haven't talked about this incident on TV or anywhere, and I've been approached to talk about it on every national TV show," said Rep. Cleaver in an interview with FOX 4 News. "I never, I never reported anything, never a single thing in Washington, not one thing. People assume I went somewhere, never done press conference, never done an interview on it and I'm not going to do it."

    Rep. Cleaver's refusal to discuss the incident has not stopped the speculation, including claims that the incident never happened, or that the story was manufactured to discredit conservatives who demonstrated against health care reform.

    Rep. Cleaver says that he wants to put the incident behind him.

    "All I'm saying is we all have to diffuse it, and I think it is not in my best interest or in the best interest of this nation to stoke it," said Rep. Cleaver. "I've avoided doing and I will continue to do it."

    During his Fox interview Mr. Clever said, But Rep. Cleaver that if the spitting incident hadn't been caught on tape, no one would have ever known because he wouldn't have made it an issue. Actually, it seems that if the incident was not caught on tape, most would have simply accepted that the Missouri Democrat was indeed attacked, because why would a Congressman tell such a story?


  2. I am glad you decided to post here. I like it in the open. How are your feathers today?

    I saw the so-called spitting incident and questioned it somewhat. But the spitting claim was nearly irrelevant to my viewpoint on what I saw. What may have happened, as far as I could tell, was the lunatic creep was screeching so wildly that he splattered spit as he shrilled uncontrollably. I am not claiming to know for sure. I certainly would not put it past these wackos. The video is there for all to see the abhorrent behavior.

    I think these people will indict and convict themselves with their own behavior. Its pretty easy to see. Fringe groups usually defeat themselves with their own mouths and behavior.

    There are the nigger and faggot incidents, too. Irregardless, even if nobody said those things, the crowd was full of incivility, intolerance and madness. As I have always claimed, the far right is full of racists and Bible banging gay-haters that haven't the slightest clue what personal liberty is. They are very Medieval and backwards in their thinking.

    The spitting makes no difference. It was the total incivility of the mob of right wing losers.

    Watching such despicable behavior is enough for the prosecution.

    Then there is the hate spewing racist WHITE SUPREMACY flag in the background.


    Now that's eyes rolling back funny. Any lawsuit saying so is humorous at best. It will go absolutely nowhere. The same rants were heard after Social Security and Medicare. They amounted to nothing.

    Hostile? That's even more pathetic reasoning. The President's ratings are the same as Reagan's were at this time. The President won with 53% of the vote which is more than ANY president got SINCE EISENHOWER!

    These people need to get a life.

  3. Some say tomato and some say:
    Here's an article From NH Insider
    where that person feels the opposite of your position...sounds to me like it may come from both sides which if so makes neither side that may be doing it right. Seeing how you refuse to state that it "Hate" could ever come from the left, God Forbid, I wanted to clear the sleepies out of your mind and make you more understanding and balanced.

  4. Of course they can come from both sides but don't think for a minute that you using hate from the left is diminishing the despicable behavior you people display. Nothing the left has done in this debate even comes close to the haranguing and ranting we see now in the right wingnuts.

    But I will say something. This defensiveness coming from the far right really makes me cheerful. You asked for it and you got it. Did you think we were going to be quiet about the skunks of the tea party forever?

    Now I wonder if you God and Country people can stomach some financial reform. THAT will pass, too. Wall street has become a leech on the body of America. While the close minded people of the EVERYTHING BUT MY AMERICAN IDEA IS SOCIALIST crowd smothers itself in its fear and loathing, things are getting done.

    I remember in 1993, the yelling fire crowd was Republicans as usual. Dick Armey said Clinton's economic plan would mean a financial disater.


    Now the nutjob tea party folks sound IDENTICAL and again you are wrong because you dont fathom economics.

    If you don't like name calling you should have thought of that before you people headed out like a bunch of McCarthyist - Dick Armey zombies.

    If youre not 15