Tuesday, April 27, 2010


If you have not seen the special on Timothy McVeigh and how the sociopath became an anti-government terrorist who murdered 168, its a must see. What struck me besides the usual insanity of gun obsessed right wingers is that his bumper stickers were of the same content as many of the rabid right in the tea party. After seeing the pics of the bumper stickers, complete with attacking the government as Nazi and Communist, I tried to find them online with no success. Right wing nutjobs almost always call people they disagree with - Nazis or Communists while in fact they much more resemble the Nazis than they could ever imagine. This really shows how knee-jerk and uneducated the lot are.

Just read the 25 Nazi Party Points for yourself. They were written by Hitler in 1920 and are full of anti-immigrant and racist sentiments. They were German language only, like our own English-only nuts.

Predictably, the Hutaree militia, both anti-government and right wing Christian, had a collection of Hitler's speeches. Its clear to me that babies were dropped on their heads at one time. If you have not read Hitler's speeches from the 1920s and 1930s you will cringe on how he uses 'his Christianity', antisemitism and anti-immigration to engine his rise. This man was a fearmongerer that only people like Rush and Glenn Beck could admire. Christianity, fear, racism, etc.

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