Sunday, April 4, 2010


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  1. Democrat Leaders Attacks on Tea Parties Belie Calls for Civility

    The basic First Amendment common sense restriction is that you can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. Yet, that is exactly what is being done by the most powerful people in this country, when they verbally attack the Americans who have stood up to be counted in opposition to the health care law and other encroachments on individual freedom that have occurred over the past 14 months.

    After subjecting people who have become known as the tea party movement to a constant barrage of name calling and implied threats, these same leaders and their main stream media partners now decry a “lack of civility” in American politics.

    Perhaps they should have thought of that when MSNBC and CNN anchors naughtily giggle and refer to this citizen protest as the “teabagger” movement. Now, that’s civil.

    Perhaps the third highest ranking member of the House of Representatives James Clyburn should have thought twice before he equated the tea parties as a “kind of terrorism”.

    Of course, Clyburn can be excused on one level as he was just following the course set by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who attacked the tea party movement in a USA Today Op-ed writing that their opponents were “un-American.”

    Given the signal to go ahead with the most outlandish of statements, Democratic elected officials have parroted a clownish Keith Olbermann-like script of calling their constituents “uncivilized”, “brown shirts”, and “political terrorists”.

    It seems that in the most powerful city in the most powerful country in the world, the most powerful people are taking the virtually unprecedented step of running an orchestrated smear campaign designed to intimidate and silence a group of citizens who hold no power, are seeking no office, and are just engaging in their Constitutionally guaranteed right to engage in dissent.

    Of course, the problem is that the tea party movement is not a typical monolithic structure, but instead is millions of people who love America and don’t want to see our great nation destroyed through an overreaching government that threatens to take over or control more than 50 percent of our nation’s wealth.

    One cannot come up with a Cornhusker kickback or Louisiana Purchase to buy their acquiescence.

    One can’t even focus upon discrediting one person, as the Democrats did when Joe the Plumber dared to challenge candidate Obama in the fall of 2008.

    So instead, the leaders of the Democrat Party have taken the unprecedented step of calling their own constituents racists, terrorists and un-American. At a time when the liberal talking points are now warning about a lack of civility and the dangers that come with this breakdown, perhaps, just perhaps, they will hold the very Democratic leaders who have time and again crossed the civility line with the most crass and blatant attempts at political intimidation this side of New Jersey.

    The only danger that the tea party movement presents is to the continued federal and state employment of those very elected officials who have chosen to not only ignore their political pleas, but have ridiculed their very right to express them.

    Perhaps that is why the politicians are so scared.

  2. Nonsense.

    Your first amendment analogy is a silly analogy.

    You have not had any of your individual freedoms encroached upon. Thats all a tempest in a teapot. Its ludicrous. A fanciful exaggeration design to stroke all the nutjobs.

    Pundits are 100% right that the tea party lacks, as a whole, civility. From my experience with the right wing, these are people that are clueless about science, history and the differences between political philosophies. Creationists, religious fanatics, everything that doesnt fit my God and country paradigm is socialist. Its sickening and its disheartening to see how dumb America has gotten. Yell yell yell.

    Unamerican? Coming from a bunch of Joe McCarthyists and John Birchers? Boo Hoo. Isn't it just plain hilarious that the right wing, which has a long history of calling people who disagree with them TRAITORS, is crying and whining about being called unamerican. Boo Hoo.

    As far as Clyburn saying the tea party was some kind of terrorism, that too is uncalled for. Its more like a mob mentality. And these are people who are clueless about what a socialist is. In fact if you look at some of their signs they equate Communism with Fascism. Although they are both dictatorships, they are very different political ideologies.

    What goes around comes around and now you are whining because the tide has turned against the wackos. Stop your crying. you asked for this.

    I am trying to contain my laughter when you talk about a constant barrage of name calling. In my 60 years I have not seen such madness since the Vietnam War era when the radical left went too far.Of course, the right wing was there screeching TRAITOR at all those that disagreed with the Vietnam war. And the Hatriots were there when people questioned the invasion of Iraq. The dissenters were right in Vietnam and Iraq. So while your ilk was screeching TREASON! the rest of us had wisdom and common sense.You were hiding behind your flag and your religion but we were correct on those matters. Your memory is short.

    Olberman is clownish? Have you watched Glenn Beck? He is THE FOOL TOOL!

    Your numbers on the wealth are sophmoric. 82% of our deficit was spent by Republicans. Our nation spends 12% on healthcare and others with better overall outcomes spend 6%. Thats stupidity and stubbornness. We will save money in the end by having more options. Wuzza madda, fear competition?

    Joe the Plumber wasnt a plumber. The whole episode was a comedy. This nation has always had its best times when the private and public sectors work together.

    Unprecedented? Are you 15 years old? We went through the red scares after WW!, we went thru the John Birchers, red scares of the 1950s. Attorney general Palmer, after WW1, went after everyone he thought was not American enough. had some deported, too. And if youre not 15 years old, you should know that the McCarthy era was centered in the Capitol Building and the halls of congress. HELLO!


    youre killing me!

    The politicians arent scared for anything but their lives. WE WON and YOU need to get over it. The healthcare bill has passed and it is forever. Just like SS and Medicare. In the future there will be remedial work on it.

    And whats with these People on Medicaid, medicare and social security that don't want GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE MESSING WITH THEIR GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE!!!!!!!!!!

    Selfish clueless hypocrites.