Friday, September 16, 2011


You won't believe this! This is how sick right wingers are. Pat tells a man he can divorce his wife who has alzheimers because its a kind of death. I guess that sickness and death vow doesn't mean anything to Pat and those who think like him. Pat has shown people that he is demented. The man Pat counsels is bitter at God and is already dating another woman. Look at the crazy baggage people have when they let religion mess with their heads. The space is better used living smart. Irreligious people don't hate God because you can't hate something that doesn't exist. Its a waste of space. All the major religions make you stupid if you take them too seriously. There are things that nobody can know so stop wasting the space in your brain. Use it for something good. Try love and community.

You saw the right wing extremists cheer death in two GOP debates in a row and now Pat has taken it a step farther. How sick is the Party of Death?

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