Friday, September 16, 2011


This cheering of death is sickening and people should take notice of what lies under the surface of these barbarians who come in the name of the founders, Christianity and the constitution.

The right wingers that have taken over the GOP have made it the Party of Death. Isn't it odd that conservatives seem to want to kill everything but a fetus? There is something awfully strange about these people. This kind of behavior indicates a tendency towards being sociopathic. Sociopaths can go undetected throughout their lives because they seem normal but there is a very dark side that they hide. They have difficulty feeling any remorse or offering any sort of apology for wrongs. The tea Party has brought sociopathic behavior out of the closets and made it acceptable. Its pathological.

Governor Perry has recently executed an innocent man in Texas. His name was Cameron Todd Willingham. When the investigation into the trial of this man on death row started to bring questions to the fore regarding Texas justice, Perry simply fired the people. He doesn't lose any sleep because he is cold, hard and dangerous, propped up by the sociopathic ideology of the legalistic, quasi-theocratic radical right. He represents a group of people that treat life and death in a cavalier fashion - except fetuses and corporations of course (corporations are people they say). They are truly the barbarians at the gate. There is another group that has similarities and these are Islamofascists. Perry and his kind of Christofascists.

How many times have you heard of DNA clearing someone who was on death row? This is a good reason to stop executions. The simple fact is that our justice system is not all knowing and we should not pretend that our jury system of ordinary people can be exceptional in meting out justice. Killing an innocent man is evil and should not be taken lightly as the teabaggers seem to do.  But right wingers don't care because they are consumed by a rigid ideology of hatred and bloodlust towards anything not like them. To them, its a badge of honor to have the balls to kill an innocent man as one Texan said. That is evil, plain and simple.

The most violent part of the country is the Bible belt. The bottom for education and healthcare, the top for murder, divorce and religious extremism. The Christofascism there has poisoned the water.

The hell with Al Qaeda, protect us from today's mutated Republican Party, the party of death. Playing God is there obsession and the God of the Bible is a jealous and intolerant killing machine. If they like Guns, God and almost no government why don't they move to Somalia? If they like cold hard justice that has no respect for life and liberty why don't they move to Iran or Saudi Arabia where they belong? The American Taliban needs to find another nation because they don't belong here.

Governor Rick Perry is a typical teabagger, driven by ideology instead of ethics and justice. Don't believe anything he says. He is a C-student puppet of the religious right and right wing corporatists who seek to take over our democratic Republic and replace it with an oligarchical plutocracy.

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