Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dana Perrino Wants an Obama Speech On Blacks Shooting White Babies In The Face!

Evil Dana Perrino Wants an Obama Speech On Blacks Shooting White Babies In The Face!

We all know that the GOP/Tea Party are always looking for some way to justify their evil racist pathology.  Today might be the worst example of false equivalence we’ve ever seen.
Since George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” of the Second Degree Murder and Manslaughter of Trayvon Martin, the right wing has desperately tried to stoke the fires of an imaginary reverse race war, against white people.  Lying right-wing racists have showered the internet with memes claiming that it’s racist to point out racism, and that nobody cares when white people get shot by black people, or when a 13 month old baby was killed in an attempted robbery.  The racist right-wing doesn’t like to talk about racism  – and their argument is often that pointing out their racism is in fact, a form of racism.
Here’s the new TEApublican meme:
“You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.
My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.
I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me – so he doesn’t care and the media doesn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.”
Enter the supremely disgusting Fox News host Dana Perino, and this sickening false equivalence,
“If you think of the young mother whose 2-year-old son was shot in the face by the two black teens that approached her in Atlanta and that baby had died, why do presidents choose to speak about one case and not the other? That’s why it’s better maybe not to talk about any of them.”
Except there is absolutely no comparison between George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin and the horrific shooting that left that sweet baby dead.  Perino is trying to fan the fires of the imaginary race war against white people.  It wasn’t until a huge public outcry that Zimmerman was even charged with killing Trayvon Martin–and even then was only charged with 2nd degree murder and manslaughter!  The two suspects in the killing of that poor baby were found and arrested the next day and charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER.  Trayvon Martin was put on trial for his own murder, and is still being publicly profiled and vilified for being a less-than-perfect black kid.  Nobody blamed the baby for his own death and the story did get media attention.
From WPTV: BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The defense attorney for De’marquise Elkins filed a motion asking the judge to force prosecutors to hand over the entire Georgia Bureau of Investigation report on the murdered baby’s parents: Louis Santiago and Sherry West.
You’ll remember West says that she was shot in the March 21st incident and Santiago says he was shopping at Walmart when it happened and wasn’t there.
But the GBI recently found traces of gunshot residue, or GSR, on both parents.
According to the report, “this supports the possibility that the individual discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR.”

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