Sunday, February 3, 2013


TEApublican Logic 101:  We can’t teach sex-ed because it will cause kids to have sex too early, but we can teach “gun-safety” to first-graders.
State Sen. Dan Brown (R-MO) told a Senate committee Tuesday that the proposed course would teach first-graders what to do if they found a weapon and was designed to prevent them from accidentally shooting themselves or someone else, the Associated Press reported.  Brown’s legislation specifies a curriculum which includes “Eddie Eagle” cartoons designed by the National Rifle Association.  The legislation was filed a day before the Newtown, Conn. mass shooting that left 20 children dead.
Because there’s nothing the NRA wants more than to keep kids safe as evidenced by their anti-background check, anti-assault weapons ban and anti-ANY gun-safety legislation at all.  Apparently, the only way the NRA will support “gun-safety” is if it entails putting a gun directly into a kid’s hand.  Gee, I wonder if they have any ulterior motives?  
And, the understatement award of the year goes to, goofy Fox peroxide-blonde talking head #342 for saying:
“It might shock some of you to see a 5-year-old shooting a H&K MP5 9mm.”
It shocks me that you’re shocked that I’m shocked.

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