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Every hear of the Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion? Nazis jailed 100,000 gay men between 1936 and 1936. Records that survivc show that at least 15,000 gays were gassed to death. An SS Doctor VBuarnet conducted experiments and designed hormone implants to cure the homosexuals. In the more fascist Christian circles we have NARTH, the junk science outfit that claims to cure the disorder of being gay. Rubbish!

AND Fascist's CRUSHED unions and arrested socialist leaders. They were murdered by the thousands in Spain, Italy and Germany.

And in Fascist nations, Family Planning went underground. Contraception was hard to come by and abortion was a crime. Imagine illegal condoms. If you had an STD, a doctor could prescribe some for you. 

Who are the Fascist Pigs these days? Its the religious right of every religion but its Dominionist Christianity we have to worry about in the USA. They want nothing less than a Sharia version of Christianity. These people are deluded, sociopathic wolves on an overdose of Machiavelli and Rasputin

One of Herman Goering's Nine Commandments for the Workers was "Woman, pick up a frying pan and a broom and marry a man".

Sounds "FUNDY!"

Here's what fascism was about in Europe. 

The radical right likes to throw around the word socialist indiscriminately as if they actually know the definition of socialism. Socialism is when the people, through the government, own the bulk of the companies of its nation. Seen that lately? Probably not. Venezuela for sure; Cuba, too. Fascism on the other hand involves a corrupt marriage between big business and government. The right doesn't know the definition of fascism either thanks to snake-oil historians like Glen Beck and Jonah Goldberg. 

Mussolini said "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power". With the Citizens United ruling, Corporations are people and can influence elections with mountains of money. Democracy is losing to the corporate aristocracy which is buying our politicians and determining many of their decisions. 

Mussolini was a socialist until around the end of WWI when he vehemently renounced socialism in favor of his new political ideology of fascism that emphasized militant patriotic nationalism. Ring a bell? Mussolini relentlessly attacked liberalism and socialism. You can read it all HERE. In his manifesto he mentions liberalism and socialism in a negative way 43 times. In contrast to the materialism of socialism, Mussolini claims Fascism is spiritual and uses the term 23 times to define Fascism. Materialism and spiritualism are opposites  Socialism is concerned with the proletariat; fascism is concerned with the power of the state. Fascism is government without any intention of representation. It runs on ideology, not people. Certainly, people are easily confused because no political ideology holds completely unique beliefs.
I read in a local newspaper "Liberals do love to associate conservatives with Nazis but since facts might muddle the charge they never offer any"  Facts? Okay.
In 1920 and 1921 the Italian streets were filled with protesting workers. Mussolini's fascist "blackshirts" were used to crush unions or any other perceived socialism, disrupting their meetings and committing violence in the streets. Mussolini took advantage of the situation by forming alliances with industrial giants and together they finally trade unions to crumble and socialists mayors to resign. In 1927, Mussolini gave some rights back to unions as long as they were state or party controlled. Hey, Scott Walker!
In 1933, when Hitler gained dictatorial powers with the "Enabling Act", he abolished labor unions and replaced them with the Nazi Party's "Labor Front". Trade unions were socialist and Hitler, like Mussolini and Franco, hated socialism. Mussolini abolished trade unions, too. Sound familiar? Hitler used "law and order" to destroy individual rights. Fascists ended collective bargaining rights. Together, Mussolini, Hitler and Franco arrested hundreds of thousands of communists, socialists and democratic socialists because socialism was the enemy of fascism.
Hitler's fascism emphasized "real Germans" like our right wingers emphasize "real Americans". Fascists supported laws that would attack any cultural diversity in the press, the arts or radio in Germany. They thought any foreign cultural influence would strip Germany of its soul, so they mounted a cultural war just as our right wingers do. Liberal professors were targeted. Any use of a non-German language was unpatriotic. Note the vehemence of the English-only crowd.
German Fascism was vehemently anti-immigrant. Mussolini declared universal suffrage was the greatest of lies. If you follow America's right wing you will notice the harsh anti-immigrant rants. Conservatives also have a long history of opposing universal suffrage from religious equality, abolition and women's suffrage, to child labor laws, reproductive freedom and gay rights.
In 1936 Hitler and Heinrich Himmler created the bureaucracy, THE REICH OFFICE FOR THE COMBATING OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND ABORTION. The Reich, as soon as it was empowered by dictatorial powers raided every gay business in the nation and shut their doors. Between 1936 and 1939, 100,000 gay men were imprisoned at one time or another. A Tea Party dream I'd say. What remains of records from concentration camps like Buchenwald evidence the gassing of at least 15,000 gay men. In his speeches, Himmler bragged about pretending to allow gays to escape the camps so they could kill them. In the camps certain doctors were tasked with finding a way to cure gays. One way was to force them to have sex with prostitutes. Straight porn, too, Homosexuals that found themselves in the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Neuengamme were experimented upon by the Danish SS doctor, Carl Vaernet. The SS gave him a research position, a staff, laboratories, financial support, and camp inmates with which to experiment upon. His treatments included castration for the incurable, and hormones for the others. Under the Nazi doctrine of re-education, Vaernet had developed a hormone implant for homosexuals
Fascism was about family values! Contraception and/or abortion were outlawed by Mussolini, Hitler and Franco. Family planning clinics disappeared. Hitler awarded women with the the Motherhood Cross who had given birth to the largest number of children. Lesser Medals were the Golden Cross for eight children, the Silver Cross for six children, and a Bronze for those who had four children. Four kids! Shameful! Mussolini's government paid extra benefits to the exceptionally reproductive! Are you catching on yet? Women were supposed to be the helpmates and babymakers of men. Before Hitler came into power there were 100,000 female teachers but that ended with Hitler's rise to power. Women went home until so many of the men were killed they had to go back to work. 

If it walks like a goose, its probably a goose. 

There is plenty more to address but this was originally for a printed newspaper so space was an issue. 

THE DOCTRINE OF FASCISM by BENITO MUSSOLINI (1932) The only complete one on the internet)
Homosexuals and the Holocaust
The Reich Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion - by me 2006

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