Saturday, July 3, 2010


David Barton is America's historical revisionist-in-chief and Glenn Beck just loves him. What right wing nutjob wouldn't love a person who sought to bring us back to the world BEFORE the constitution? What wingnut wouldn't suck up to a person who would help them overturn the spirit and letter of the first amendment's establishment clause and the Sixth Article's ban on religious tests in oaths of office?

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My website STOP THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT is a history site that examines the church-state alliances of history beginning in the 4th century. None of them resemble our constitution. None of them offered religious equality or liberty.  No religious government in the history of man has offered religious equality  or equal protection under the law. Under the US Constitution, all 'religions' are equal under the law. This site examines the religious clauses in almost every colonial charter of note before the revolution. The religious clauses of state constitutions from 1776 but before the ratification of the federal constitution are also examined. The evidence is clear: the US Constitution was not meant to resemble the European styled - religious - colonial charters or state governments in existence at the time. While the charters and state constitutions are plastered with references to God, the US Constitution has none. Why the sudden change? A New Order For The Ages! The Constitution is religion-neutral while our colonial charters were Medieval and European in nature.

People like David Barton act as if this abrupt change never occurred. Secularism is the foundation of religious equality and they hate it because it limits them to proselytizing without government help

Barton is easily refuted. Let me pick an easy one. An example is his statement that Washington and Jefferson did not free their slaves because the law made it impossible. Anyone with any brain cells wants to know why Jefferson wrote that all men were created equal yet didn't free his slaves. Either Barton is a liar or just ignorant because this ignores Virginia's 1782  Law of Manumission which let slave owners free their slaves with a simple written statement if the slave was sane, healthy and of a certain age. This liberal law was in effect until 1806 and neither of these Virginia founders freed any of their slaves. But Barton's and Beck's audience is not an educated, inquisitive, or open-minded audience; they are the glassy-eyed loons that wish to return us to 1620 and force their values upon the rest. Like Sarah Palin, they have fact-resistant coatings. Wired shut.

See also DAVID BARTON'S ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE which is a page of links to selected articles at THE CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLE which is a scholarly site that researches the constitutional principle of church-state separation.  This site is a must for founding documents and exposing the historical revisionism of the David Bartons and Glenn Becks out there in  Loony Ligious Land.

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