Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, another right wing gun nut has done it again. Yesterday some conspiracy and anti-government wacko opened fire on our own citizens at the Pentagon. He is now stone cold dead as a terrorist should be.

Last month some wackjob flew his plane into an IRS building. Who has intentionally flown planes into  our economic and government buildings recently? Muslims and right wing nuts in America. His offspring called him a hero. Now thats brainwashing done well. That is sick and pathological, promoting selfishness, violence, hatred and fear. The more I hear from the right, the more I move left and against these selfish anarchists and so-called conservatives.

Who has set off car bombs in America? Right wing nutjobs. Remember the Oklahoma City bombing of a government building? Don't ever forget that it was anti-government bullies and psychos that killed all those men, women, and children. No doubt they had lots of religion, too. Psycho-Cracked out on God.

Last year some soccer mom went to her kid's soccer game packing heat. Holstered for all to see. In the coming weeks she and her husband was shot dead with her own gun. Its the right wing mentality that killed her; murder-suicide by belligerence, obstinacy, an inflated ego, recklessness, and stupidity. There is a difference between gun nuts and defenders of the 2nd amendment. (I support the USSC striking down the Chicago anti-gun laws). Gun psychoss are like people who abuse their speech rights and yell fire in a theater when there is no fire. Gun nuts are like those who abuse their freedom of religion by wanting government to impose their religious beliefs on others. This is twisted shit.

We can argue about government but gun nuts need to realize that bringing guns to healthcare protests, soccer games and against the people's government is immature and assinine. This is the same mentality of our enemies from without. there is no tyranny other than that which has been concocted between their ears. We all have our complaints but recklessness, bullying and violence is not the answer.

The only people that pose a danger to the USA are right wingers from without and from within. Religious wackos from abroad and from within.

Who has attacked the Pentagon since 2000? Supporters of Muslim terrorism and right wing militia-type psychos. Who car-bombed and killed 168 at the OK City FBI building (and day care)? A right wing wacko crowd. Gun nuts. Anti-government wackjobs.  Anti-Americans who can not tolerate order.

Who has attacked our nation in recent years? Mostly right wing wackos from the Muslim world or the anti-government sickos here. One of these days people are going top wake up to all the lies that are spouted by the far right in both camps.

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