Monday, January 18, 2010


I keep running into right wingers that think Hitler was a socialist. They are trying, with an argument from ignorance, to associate Obama with Hitler. The truth is that the German Nazis were not social democrats even tho' the party name was that; Nazis passionately hated socialism, and abortion and gay rights. Their propaganda machine was geared to extreme and rather despotic nationalism, demands for racial purity, and a reproduction program that rewarded women who had four children or more with a national award. Yo Fundy!

Nazis were nuts about attacking the communists, who were socialists; really. Communism was the 'Jewish philosophy' of Karl Marx. When brownshirts got loose they looked and sounded like our right wing except the brainwashed blondies of Nazi Germany probably and homosexuals were persecuted by Nazis. Like the KKK, they were extreme right wingers with a 'place' for women, blacks, Jews and gays. Like Hitler, right wingers use Christianity as one of their means to an end.

Nazis outlawed abortion and homosexuality, with Hitler and Heinrich Himmler creating the REICH OFFICE FOR THE COMBATING OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND ABORTION in 1936. Nazis raided gay and lesbian night clubs and coffee houses, publishing houses and scientific studies. The Weimar Republic, which Pat Buchanan demonizes, was a model of democratic reform and had growing civil rights. After WW1, Germany was forced to adopt democratic reforms and it was working well even tho' like when the USSR fell, there was tumult associated with the change. But change is always a problem for right wingers. Cops who had been able to violate people's civil rights hated it. Nazis hated it. The Weimar Republic of Germany had to go and the Nazis were going to do it with terror. Right wing terror. Racism, Homophobia and sexism. Those are as right wing as apple pie is American. See my essay on the Reich Office, Stalin, and the religious right of America regarding homosexuality

Hey, wait a minute, that sounds like todays right wing nutjobs. The Tea Baggers and the religious right. Neither have a clue. Socialism is left; fascism is right. They are not the same.

Where did these bohunks come from?

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